Converting the Playhouse Tower Into a Chicken Coop
This is the old playhouse tower that we have to work with.

Here is the bottom part converted. It took less than 2 days.
When I got home, I found that my dad had taken down the old stained vinel roof. He cut 10 inches off of the 2 boards that support the roof. The trusses are almost exactly 45 degrees to match our garage.

Here are my brother and my dad putting on the second half of the roof.

We had to cut a groove out around the beam of the play set since we wanted a decent size overhang.

This is the underside of the roof. Now, we just need to put the shingles on and the roof will be done!
I am REALLY going to owe my dad after this one. Here he is again putting the shingles on leftover from our house. The plan is to make it match my house: red wood siding, green shingles, 45 degree angle to match the garage.

This is the view of the progress. The roof is done and the insulation is in.

Since the top part is mainly a coop for the winter, we double insulated the ceiling.

This shows the ladder to and from the second floor.

This shows the roost in the coop and the ladder to and from the third story.

This shows the cute little door my dad made.

And...drum role, please...the finished product! (for now at least) In a few months, after the new wood weathers to match the old, we will stain it to match our house. There are 3 levels to it in all.