Hi! I am married to a fabulous feller and I have two daughters, two step daughters, All grown and gone! Also I have 6 beautiful grand children. I run a small farm and Bakery. I make 30 flavors of original recipe pound cakes, Scottish Shortbread, and Pecan Pies in 3 flavors! I'm a BunnyMomma and I rehab wild cottontails when I am called on for that lovely occasion. I have several chickens in my backyard coop. At this time I have 3 Mille Fleurs, 2 Porcelains, 20+ Light Brahmas, 5 Black Australorps, 5 Birchen Cochins and 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes, one Blue Orpington, 5 Barred Rocks and some SQ silkies on the way. Here on our North Carolina farm, we also have horses and 3 dogs. The dogs are all adopted and rescued. They are all trained to guard my chickens from hawks and other predators during the day. At night I put them up in their safe and cozy coop! All of the chicks are 4 months old right now, and I love having them around the farm. My grand daughter loves to see them when she visits. I also love to garden! I also have 8 beautiful rabbits. 4 Jersey Woolies and 3 Fuzzy Lops and a Dwarf Hotot. I am a bonafide, bunny and chicken addict!