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  1. Clare Mosko
    Butterscotch is an 8 1/2 year old golden sex-link hen. She was in my very first batch of chickens and have proven herself as one of the best! [​IMG]Because she was one of my first four chickens, she always made an appearance in my daily journals for school along side her fellow clucking friends.
    She is on the top of the pecking order, but not as abusive as some other top-of-the-pecking-order hens in different flocks. When she was a chick, she was the shy chick in the corner but when she hit puberty, that's when she blossomed! She is quite the people chicken. Following us around the yard or waiting at our glass sliding door. She has quite the personality! And over time, she has been through every significant event with our flock.
    In my novice year of 4-H, I not only won a blue ribbon for just her at the show, but also in novice showmanship! [​IMG]
    She also seemed to get along with the other chicks we got along the way, allowing them to snooze on her back.[​IMG]
    This fantastic hen survived being attacked by a raccoon. [​IMG]She was bit on the region around the vent. I spent the night crying and wrapping her in gauze so I could feel like I was doing something to help her.[​IMG] I was worried this might have been the end for her considering she was 6 years old at the time. But she pulled through of course, being the chicken I knew her to be.[​IMG]
    On another occasion, Butterscotch laid a GIANT egg! [​IMG]When I saw it I was in aw that she did not get egg bound. It was really silly looking side by side other eggs in a carton. We weren't even able to get the lid over!
    But overall, Butterscotch has been a wonderful pet over the years and I sure hope for many more!

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  1. Whittni
    I hope she lives for many many more years too.

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