Caddy Shack
Im not done yet so dont be hatin!:p

1.To start i simmply nailed about ten 3 foot long boards to each other as shown below


2.Next i added the legs this sould make it look much like a table. I added a bit of a slant to help the water drip off.

Do you see the tilt?

3.Next i added "spacers" to help the boards stand strighter also the floor Boards will be nailed on to this.

Picture #1


Picture #2
4. Next you add the floor boards to the "spacers" (As told). Lay out your boards before you nail them. Make sure they lay the right way (see picures below)

Notice the floor pattern of l=l

If you look at the far left floor board you can see that its cut i did this so i could fit all the boards i can making a tighter warmer seal.

5. Coming Soon