~CalebTheChicken's Animals!!!!~
Red: The brute of the bunch. He got his name from, what else, his color. He's anything but a pet, he's mean, chases people, and hates dogs. The only thing keeping him from being dinner is his good looks, and the fact that he bugs the heck out of my pappa. His crow is long and drawn out, it echos through the valley and can at times sound like a cyote.
Stats: (Hieght: 2 1/2ft.) (Wieght: 9 1/2-10lbs.) (Breed: New Hampshire Red.) (Seperated from main flock.)

Elvis: The stylish banty cochin. It was my mom's idea to name him Elvis... but it fits him. He's by far my favorite roo, just because he has the attitude of a big chicken in a iddy biddy body. His crow is short and high pitched, it doesn't travel very far.
Stats: (Hieght: 7inches.) (Wieght: 1/2-1lb.) (Breed: Cochin.) (Not fully mature.) (High in pecking order.)


ChickChick: The cocky cock. He got his name from a random thought I had. He's starting to come to the age were he thinks he can take me (and he's getting his spurs!). My mom picked this guy out when he was a day old, he used to be tame, and he still follows me around wanting food. He's the dominate roo. His crow is short but loud, when he's standing right next to you it deffins you.
Stats: (Hieght: 1-1 1/2ft.) (Wieght: 3-5lbs.) (Breed: Delaware mix) (Not fully mature.) (High in pecking order.)

Peaches: My pet chicken. My favorite chicken!!!! She got her name from her attitude, sweet. The roos love to pick on her, so when they get mean she comes and hides behind me, and if I'm sitting down she jumps on my shoulder. The only proublem with her is she looks the same as her 4 other sisters.
Stats: (Hieght: 9-11in.) (Wieght: 2-3lbs.) (Breed: Orpinton.) (Not fully mature.) (Low in pecking order.)

Buffo: Buff gang alfa. Got her name from her color and breed. She's one of the 5 Buff sisters, she decides were they go, what they eat, and who they hang out with.
Stats: (Hieght: 10-12in.) (Wieght: 2-4lbs.) (Breed: Orpinton.) (Not fully mature.) (High in pecking order.)

Star: Little red hen. She gets her name from her breed. This hen knows were the food is, when she sees the green scoop I use to bring chicken feed, she follows that cup until food comes out. She's my 2nd tamest chicken.
Stats: (Hieght: 10-12in.) (Wieght: 2-3lbs.) (Breed: Red Star.) (Not fully grown.) (Middle in pecking order.)

FeatherFood: My dogs favorite snack. The way she aquired her...odd name is that one night my dog had cought her and plucked over half of her feathers out. Because of this happening the dog and the chickens can't be out at the same time. She won't get within 100ft of a dog but is still the proud 2nd rung of the buff gang ladder.
Stats: (Hieght: 9-11in.) (Wieght: 2-4lbs.) (Breed: Orpington.) (Not fully mature.) (Middle in pecking order.)

Muffin: One of the puffy-neck n' face chickens. Got her name from her face feathers. Yeah I said face feathers. She mostly hangs out with the buff sisters, going down the road, messing up my mamma's garden, etc.
Stats: (Hieght: 9-12in.) (Wieght: 2-2 1/2lbs.) (Breed: Easter Egger) (Not fully mature.) (Middle in pecking order.)


Gertrude: The bold barred hen. I named this hen after a blind hen a had a few years back. Gertrude has an odd habit of turning her head sideways, she does it when she's exited, happy, and aggrivated. She hangs out with her twin sister, Crooked Toes.
Stats: (Hieght: 10-12in.) (Wieght: 3-4lbs.) (Breed: Plymouth Rock.) (Not fully mature.) (High in pecking order.)


Speckles: Color changer. She got her name from the spots she had when she was young. This odd little hen started life looking like a Golden Campine, but grew up looking like Silver Campine. No one I've asked know how this happened other than mabye a cross, I don't really care, but she's still perty.
Stats: (Hieght: 6-8in.) (Wieght: 1-2lbs.) (Breed: Campine mix.) (Not fully mature.) (Low in pecking order.)

5toes: The pentadigited fly guy. Named after his feet. This guy loved to fly, he flue over the lot fence (which got him killed), into trees, on the house, on the coop, up the small cliff behind my house, etc. His crow was short and high pitched, when you heard it, being a lower roo he hardly ever crowed.
Stats: (Hieght: 6-8in.) (Wieght: 1-3lbs.) (Breed: Silkie/game mix.) (Not fully mature.) (Was low in pecking order.) (RIP, April 2010-September 2010.)


Penny: Old lady. Named after the fictional chicken character, Henny Penny. This is the only remaining hen of my original flock. She had been laying an egg a day for 2 years, but lately she's slowing waaay down. But she's still one of my favorite hens. As you can see she's missing alot of feathers, that's because she was with Red and he rubbed her raw. (I'll update as soon as she gets her feathers back.)
Stats: (Hieght: 7-9in.) (Wieght: 6-8 lbs.) (Breed: Australorp.) (High in pecking order.)

Orange: One of the buff girls. Named after her color. This girl mirrors Buffo's every move, goes everywhere she does, eats everything she does, everything.
Stats: (Hieght: 9-11in.) (Wieght: 2-4lbs.) (Breed: Orpington.) (Not fully mature.) (Middle in pecking order.)

More later.