Calf Hutch Coop

  1. Buck Creek Chickens
    This is my coop, Winter quarters for my Black Copper Marans
    Take 1 Poly-Dome Calf Hutch
    Add a Door
    Asked you brother to make a 2 hole nest box out of his scrap wood
    Now find something to make a perch, needs to be stable, found an old ladder, a 2x4, scrap wood and a concrete block
    Feeder hung from the vent in the ceiling
    Water, stepped up on a concrete block
    Floor, bottom layer straw, once the flock has that flattened and bag of shavings will go on top, the straw allows the floor (dirt) to breath and aids in clean up in the spring
    Add one flock of Black Copper Marans, Layer feed and Water.
    The only time you need to be worried about the temp outside is when you have no sunshine for a few day. No heated waterer need the body heat from your birds keep the water from freezing, when it snows the edges of the dome will be sealed.
    When spring arrives cleaning is easy, remove feeder, waterer, nest box and perch. Lift and move dome, there will be a circle of straw, shavings and manure. Move for summer to a shaded area, replace feeder and waterer and bedding, use for chicks or 'eatin' chickens'

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