Welcome to my new page, Victoria Farms.
I have no idea what I'm doing, yet, so please bear with me as I try things out! If you've come to this place you have most probably found my name here in Back Yard Chickens and want to know a bit about me.
My name is Vicki and I've had chickens for the last 30 years. I didn't grow up with chickens but fell in love with them when one of my neighbors shared some fresh eggs with me. I've been hooked ever since. I've had as few as 3 hens and as many as 75 roos/hens during that time, but only lived without for one 5 year period when my neighborhood just wasn't accepting of the idea of back yard chickens. Now I have a small farm where I have two chicken coops, a goat shed (or three) and a horsebarn. My horses occupy the largest part of the acreage but do share with my billy goats and the chickens. The chickens perform much besides the obvious eggs. They are my fly control system in the pasture and are doing a great job! My goats are my current passion and kidding season is upon me.
I am also wife to Ron...going on 33 years. I have two beautiful daughters that are the biggest blessing in my life. They have shared their families with Ron and I and we are blessed. We also have 5 grandkids ranging in age from 3 to 14. Next to being a parent, grandparenting is the best thing.
Life on a farm is a very busy thing. There is always something that needs doing and I am often the one doing it. From maintaining fencing to building coops, milking goats to making cheese, weeding, gardening and all the rest, its all part of my life on our farm.
I hope that answers some of your questions.... Thanks for visiting!

Living and loving the farm life!