So knowing about Black Australorps, and Blue Australorps last year, but not being able to get them last year. I went FULL force in getting Blue/Black Australorps. Will i got My Blue/Black Australorps and then some, I have Blue/Black/splash, Lavender. And i think one is a white. I will be foucasing on Australorps, and Light Sussex next year (2011) i should also have extra Blue/Black roos for sale this fall (2010). I will be selling hatching eggs/chicks in spring 2011.

My breeds that i will have in 2011

  • Blue/Black/splash Australorp
  • Penedesenca
  • Coulmbain rocks
  • Silver Penciled rocks
Adding in 2011...
Buff sussex bantams
Light Sussex bantams ( maybe)
Blue Langshans ( maybe)