Currently Raising--
. Snowy Call Ducks
. Antwerp Bearded D'aver Bantams

I have two adorable Snowy Call Ducks. I named the drake, Ritz, and the duck, Quakers.

They are so cute, and adorable. I am so excited. They have just layed an little egg. I am also in 4-H. My Shetland Sheepdog, Pepsi, and I love entering in Dog Agility and showing at the 4-H Fair. I named her Pepsi because my Mom loves to drink Pepsi. I also thought it was a cute name. My little sister Rebecca also has a Shetland Sheepdog named Cola. Ya, the names are... Pepsi &Cola for Pepsi cola inc. If we ever adopt another Sheltie the name is going to be inkie. Then the puppie's names will be Pepsi Cola Inkie for Pepsi cola Incorporated. I think that it is cute. I also raise Red and Castor Mini Rex. I show them at ARBA shows and at my local 4-H fair. Ya, I do a lot of stuff in 4-H, but it is a lot of fun. Any one can join 4-H.You can show chickens, ducks, rabbits, cattle, horses, pigs, dogs and more. You can also enter lots of crafts and stories. It is soooo much fun.

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Oh my gosh! I am so so so so happy and excited! My first 2 baby snowy call ducklings hatched yesterday morning! They are so..... adorable! Those little ducks peep and quack like crazy. I love them so much. Lately Rebecca and I bought some Polish chicks, Silkie chicks, and D'anver chicks. They are really funny to watch. The D'anver's and New Hampshire Reds are my favorites.

I am trying to find homes for some of my poultry before school starts. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)

. 2 Show Quality Snowy Call Ducks
. Quail Anwerp Belgian Bearded D'anver Bantams
. 2 Buff Silkie Cockerels
. Sicilian Buttercups