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By campgracy · Apr 2, 2014 · ·
  1. campgracy

    This year my husband and I deceided to get some baby chicks for laying eggs, and some Turkeys for the freezer. We know very little about raising chickens or turkeys. We have learned alot from our local [​IMG]

    Wilco Farm Store employees and customers. When the chicks first came in we went to Wilco and talked to the employees and learned alot from them. So put togather a brooder and went back to Wilco a purchased six little 3 day old chicks. They were so cute. We then turned a rabbit hutch into a brooder and the chicks love it. We went the following week and purchased three more chicks. We now have 9 baby chicks living in our living room. They are very entertaining.

    Last week we purchased four baby turkeys. They were 1 day old when we brought them home. I think they are growing faster then the chickens.

    We are in the process of feencing our property in and building an enclosed chicken coop.

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  1. campgracy
    I have been reading alot on the care and raising the chicks everyday.

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