Silver Created by Renee
Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed:

The Silver Campine originated in the Campine area of Belgium. It is a small, hard-feathered breed with a large single comb and white earlobes. Hens weigh about 4 pounds, cockerels about 6. They lay a large white egg. The cocks are "hen-feathered": they do not develop distinctive feathering. Silver Campines are barred black and white with white hackles. They have beautiful big dark eyes. They will tolerate some cold, but have large combs. My Silver Campine hen is active, curious, fast, and can fly well. She loves to forage, but she's okay in the run too. She's loud: she never stops talking if she thinks you are listening. She hates being picked up but loves to jump on my lap and get pets. When I scratch her comb or ears she closes her eyes and falls over on her side in my lap like she is dead, talking the whole time. When she has had enough, she unceremoniously stands up and jumps down.




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Audrey Hepburn, my Silver Campine Hen. RIP, Audrey.​