Hello and welcome to my page.

I currently keep chickens and ducks. I have a breeding trio of Altsteirer, which is a rare Austrian breed. The breed almost became extint about 20 years ago, with only three cockerels and about six hens left. From these birds the breed was saved. They're a duel-perpose breed, cocks up to 3kg and hens up to 2.5kg. They lay between 160-200 ivory eggs a year.

I also have 4 mixed breeds. They turned out to be pretty good layers, and a couple go broody a couple of times a year which is perfcect for me. They're form an Amrock cockerel and either Light Sussex or Isa Browns (production red/ginger rangers).

I also keep Muscovy ducks, one drake with 6 ducks. I keep them for egg and meat production. A few of them have names so they'll never be eaten.
I also have a Pekin duck called Steve. My plan was to start out with Pekins, and I got myself 5 ducklings. They grew fast and where very strong and healthy. However one day as they where swimming in my stream, they where attacked by a dog. Every single duck was bitten, a couple where killed straight away, two others I had to help them on there way. Which left me with one, which I rushed to our vet. He gave her some antibiotics and washed her wounds, and she recovered. I decided to give her a name (thinking she was a he) and called her Steve. She can stay on my land for as long as she lives, she also gives me beautiful eggs.
She thought she was a chicken as she was hanging arround with my flock, so I got her some ducking buddies. Three 1 week old Muscovies. She took to them straight away, and even though she hadn't even started laying acted as mother.

I will be expanding my flock at the end of March, with three Welsummer bantams and a German breed called Bielefelder. I'm currently building temppory housing for them, until I convert another shed to house them.
I have to concorete the floor and devide the shed into pens. The shed I will be converting is 342 square feet/30 meters. I want to create 3 pens, and 3 smaller broody pens.

I will update this page as I go along.

Thanks for reading.