I guess this is where I go to give alittle info on myself.  I am a near silver mother and grandmother (Busia for all you polocks out there like me!!!) that enjoyed raising bantams with my middle son.  He is now 20 and soon to be in Iraq, on the same base I was on 2 years ago no less, and feeling a bit empty without him so decided to get into bantams again.  We have laying hens, live on a working farm, have horses, sheep, goats, rabbits, geese, ducks, guineas, chickens, asses, ponies, dogs, cats,...I think you get the picture.  We were adding to our laying flock since we sell eggs and ordered from a hatchery, added 25 purebred assorted bantams, and here I am, many birds later and trying out other hatcheries to see who I like the best.  I do not intend to ever show or breed these birds for profit, but if I can get a few of different breeds that are really nice I may change my mind next year.  Since I order assortments I never really know what I have and have spent many an enjoyable hour on the internet searching for pics and info on sexing and breed ID.  I have enjoyed BYC and decided to join up.  I am sure I will not be a very active and verbal member, but have tried out a few posts, and since I have gone pretty well unnoticed I will probably continue.  I will try to add pics of my nicer birds at a later time, but since a chicken has always been livestock to me, I can honestly say I have never taken a pic of one, so it will be a learning experiance for me.  Thanx for checking me out.(boy that sounded bad!!!)