Captian Jack The Extra Special Rooster

By localcommotion42 · Jul 3, 2012 · Updated Jul 3, 2012 ·
  1. localcommotion42
    Captian Jack is one-of-a-kind! He is a Frizzled Mottled Cochin bantam roo. He enjoys scratching under the tree below my bedroom window. Early in the morning, I hear that crowing! I love my rooster!

    I found Jack while searching on Craigslist for some bantams. I didn't really know exactly what I was looking for at the time, so I thought any chicken would do. Then, I came across his ad titled "CUTE Bantams for Sale". Well of course I clicked on it and it was love at first sight! I know I would have to buy this bird! So I quickly emailed his owner, hoping no one else had been interested. Sure enough, he emailed me back saying that there was already somebody that had asked ahead of me. So, I had to wait. I had a long-going email conversation about how, if I was to get him, prepare for his arrival. Anyway, he emailed me a week later saying, "The person ahead of you never showed. Do you still want them?" YES! I STILL WANTED THEM! So, I went to pick them up that Sunday! When I brought Jack home, he settled in right away, pecking and scratching all over the place! Out of the 9 bantams I bought, Captian Jack was my favorite!

    Recently, my bantams had a terrible encounter with our family dog. My bantams had been out in the yard just free-ranging around since I had to clean up our yard from the storm. The dog had been following me around, so I thought he would fine outside while I went in to get a drink. Boy, was I wrong! I came back out on to the porch to see something gray and feathery inside the dogs mouth. I was one of the young Sizzle chicks! I was so upset. I shoved the dog in the house and ran quickly to make sure none of the others had been injured. Luckily, no others were hurt. Jack was quickly hustling the hens back inside the coop. I love my roo!

    What makes this rooster special, is the way he makes me laugh! This roo is absolutely hilarious! One day, I happening to look out the window where the bantams were scratching around. 2 of my bantam hens, Daffy and Cloud, were starting to fight over a worm. Of course, Jack thought they were fighting over him, so he jumped int he middle of them and started doing his "dance". I started just laughing! Every time that hen would try and fight again, he would just start "dancing"! This is just one of many of the stories I have about Jack. To find out more about Jack and our other feathery friends, visit us on our website, . Thanks for reading about my favorite rooster!
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