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Aug 21, 2010
My wife and I are just starting with our flock. We have three little helpers Dani, Tristin, and Talaya.At this time we have 8 Rock, 3 Guinea (pearl), 5 swedish ducks (mix of black and blue), and 6 Peafowl ( 2 white, 2 black shoulder, and 2 Ind jade pie).We are in the process of building a new coop the pictures are to follow.
Aug 22, 2010 Laying down the foundation. This is a 17'x32' building when all finished.

100% of the building suplies are recycled!! The metal roofing is from a old mine site (Coal) that they were tearing down.The foundation is made of old rail roal ties. Norfolk southern is upgradeing the RR tracks up hereWe are using old mine roof bolts to pin the ties together
9/14/2010 The new roof is up and the attachments are bolted down (Special thanks to the wife for helping me!!! With out her the 2 1/5 ton roof would not have been placed soo easily)
. Pictures to follow, it would not win the nicest coop but may be the cheepest. In total we have $248 dollars in this project
, That would equal about .45 cents a square foot. Also the new coop is a green coop with wind and solar power being wired in to supply power and lights. I'll add a new page just for that if anyone is interested to see the wireing or cost that we have in it. OOPS
forgot to inform all we have had a addition to the flock 2 new baby button quail and 5 new guinea have joined in on the fun. Also some local turkey have shown allot of intrest in joining the flock. They have been hanging around the yard on a regular basis?

Well have been very busy. My wife is convertting the new pictures for here. Just picked up the last load of old mine belt for the coop and a set of 8 seperate pens for the building. Just in case your are wondering the mine belt is for preditor control (there is nothing that I know of that can bite or dig through 1/4" mine belt. It is for our barrier control around the runs and also the building).