Caring for Turkey's as pets.

By Tiffany87 · Sep 6, 2017 ·
  1. Tiffany87
    On Mother's Day my husband bought me to Spanish black turkeys... I know it sounds like a strange gift, but they became a great joy to me. My husband figured I'd enjoy them since I was born on Thanksgiving and always found turkeys to be fascinating looking, anyways When I 1st got them they were very small only 2 weeks old and I had to learn everything I can on my own about how to care for them like learning they need a heat lamp and you have to constantly lower the temperature every week. Not to mention there's so many different kinds of foods to feed them, and finding which one is proper for you're young Turkey. I also learned that young turkeys, they love attention ! they always sat on my shoulders and walked around the house Following me wherever I went. and when I would put them away for night, they would cry. so I had to bring the cage in my Room so that they could see me.That is why most people recommend you get more than two Turkey's so that they keep each other company. While the turkeys were still young, I slowly introduce them to my dogs. I have 2 beagles and a mix. I was worried that they wouldn't get along or they would try to eat them, but it turns out my dogs Didn't seem to mind them too much until the turkeys got bigger... lol But that's another story. Anyways now that I'm not worried about the dogs going to eat them and the turkeys are finally getting too big for their cage and being inside the house it's time to move them outside.When I 1st put them both outside I stood out there with them for hours letting them explore and look around to get comfortable and see what they like.After they explored for a while they immedietly like sitting on top of the dog house next to the glass sliding door where they could look inside the house.And they have chosen to make that they're roost.I was worried about not having them fenced in for a coop but leaving the dogs out with them seems to work out just fine. the dogs not only keep them company but also safe from predators.Now that they're outside I notice while they explore a lot, they are eating new and random things... and that had made their feces change in different ways. and for a while I was getting worried, because reading up on their different kinds of poop ment like they had a deadly disease, but that's not always the case. But just to safe and keep a them healthy, I made sure to always add probiotics, vitamins and Electrolytes in their water and or their food. they also get a regular worming every couple of months and I put natural remedies in their food aswell thats good for them, such as garlic powder, they love it !!! I give them their special treats like Apples or Asian pear, Meal worms and other treats that they enjoy very much. So All in all my turkeys are thriving just fine and if you have any questions please feel free to message me and I'll try to answer them in the best way that I can. Thank you 20170825_143516.jpg 20170825_143516.jpg 20170825_143516.jpg 20170825_143516.jpg

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