Carols Caribbean Chickens In Costa Ricas Playa Chiquita

  1. Beamer's human
    Paradise ...It's a jungle out there. I retired and got a few chickens...four...Now I have more...Lots more. All my chickens were acquired from neighbors and have no credentials. The first four never went broody. I think they were Black Star. After that I got some screechy necked necks who never stopped being broody. This year when the neighbors dogs went on a killing spree and the husband refused to honor the wife's promise to replace the Rooster', I stopped removing extra roosters. Now I have five roosters.' It is not all peace and love, but they are not doing serious damage to each other and they all sleep in the same coop together. There was one big red magnificent Fighting Cock,..An entirely different bird....He got cooked. [​IMG]

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