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casportpony's ducks - 2-23-2017

  1. casportpony
    Here are a few pictures of two Muscovy ducks enjoying the sunshine today.
    Barred Black drake and Chocolate female IMG_5254 (Large).JPG
    IMG_5255 (Large).JPG IMG_5256 (Large).JPG IMG_5257 (Large).JPG IMG_5258 (Large).JPG

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  1. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful scovy's K.
      casportpony likes this.
    1. casportpony
  2. casportpony
    Everyone, thanks for all of your comments!
  3. Debs Flock
    Such a pretty chocolate girl!!
      casportpony likes this.
  4. king tail
    I love the pictures!
      casportpony likes this.
  5. Folly's place
    Nice! And it looks like summer there! Mary
      casportpony likes this.
  6. N F C
    Wow, I haven't seen that much green grass since last summer, lol. Glad your ducks are enjoying it, thanks for sharing some pictures Kathy!
      casportpony likes this.
  7. lcertuche
    So cute.
      casportpony likes this.
  8. Miss Lydia
    Beautiful scovy's Kathy
      casportpony likes this.
  9. 007Sean
    Congrat's Kathy! Nice Scovies
      casportpony likes this.
  10. Wyorp Rock
    Beautiful pics Kathy!
      casportpony likes this.

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