I am pretty jazzed at being able to start my BYC page. I live in the Midlands of South Carolina, just twenty minutes northeast of Columbia, our state capital. I am married (second) and have a teenage son (from first). I have several bros/sis' in the area and hope to give a lot of fresh eggs away. My chicks are due 2/17/10 from Ideal Hatchery and I CAN'T WAIT!!! Have all the brooders/supplies ready, but am still waiting for the weather to let us work outdoors this winter. As soon as I can I will have pics up of the back forty, the family, the menagerie, the flock, the birdhouse, etc.

I am currently attempting to arrange and import pics to the webpage, so let's see how much cursing until success is achieved!

I have to disable my pop-up blocker to have full function of the webpage editor. Yeah. Anyway, our progress to date ( 1/23/10). I am so relieved to have the job started, despite not needing the tractor finished for 8-9 weeks. It's always good to get a headstart. the next pics are of my family, both human and non.

I can't believe that I have been a chicken farmer for over a year now!! My first order of 25 layers came from Ideal hatchery on 2/19/10. I picked them up at 5:30 am from the post office and found 30 (!) healthy and bewildered chicks that we set up in the brooder to get food and water. These quickly grew and outgrew the brooder so we got on the coop and finished in late March 2010. The girls and boys went into the new digs and did so well! I got the run working and they were in heaven, or at least our part of it!! Unfortunately it did not last long. On 4/30/100 I got a call at work that ALL of my flock were dead...killed by dogs! I was devastated to say the least. But I was also determined to have layers so the very next morning I went to my local F & S and bought 12 more layers. I got 3 of each of the following breeds : EE's, BSL's, RIR's and BR's. These were gonna be safe until I reinforced the run, and to date they are doing very well. As I write this entry on 2/1/11 the hens have all been laying since 10/10, but they are coop bound and have not left it because I have not made a run that is secure. This is planned to be done before my next order from Ideal is delivered on 3/17/11. That's right, I have expanded the flock!! A new coop or three is to be built and babies to be brooded (but NOT in the house according to the wife!!)

Yep, the virus has spread and I am completely infected. That is to say, I am a Chicken Zombie!! Ravenous for all things chicken. Fluent in chicken math. Beginning to resemble a chicken. Thinking as a chicken thinks. It's pretty sad, really!