Ok, so I am a complete newbie in the world of chickens. I am mostly learning as I go, with a basic idea of how to keep them alive, healthy and happy (basically). Here is the day by day progress so far of the chicken coop my dad is helping me build (ok, ok -- building FOR me) but with 3 kids under 4, 3 cats (one of them a 3 month old kitten) and 3 dogs (one of them an 11 month old puppy), running a Wholesale Car Business, Cooking, Cleaning, Laundry and attending school for my vet tech degree... I just don't have the time to build! I am full of so many questions, and sometimes feel like I am in this whole thing completely blind. It is a little frustrating working with my dad. Although I love him to pieces, he is stubborn and sometimes he thinks he knows everything about everything. My husband... well, depends on which way the wind blows if he is supportive or not. Oh well.
So - here we are. This is the construction of my coop. I am actually having someone in to build the run, because unfortunately I am OCD and a total perfectionist... so, I know my dad who is no spring chicken just won't have it in him to do the run how I would like it done. So... here begins my journey. Any thoughts, comments or ideas or welcomed - but any cruelty or criticism I will take a pass on. I am chock full in that department.
94364_chickens.jpg 94364_chickens_strawberries_062311.jpg
My girls... day 1 in their brooder The girls in a strawberry frenzy... although I couldn't quite capture the frenzy very well

94364_coop_day_1_2.jpg 94364_coop_day_2_2.jpg
Coop Construction: Day 1 Coop Construction: Day 2
Well, I missed Day 3 of construction pics. One of my dogs passed away, and I have been completely out of whack, but I am trying to get some semblance of normalcy back into my life. It's hard... but the Coop must go on!
94364_coop_day_4_1.jpg 94364_coop_day_4_2.jpg
Coop Construction: Day 4 (Side) Coop Construction: Day 4 (Front)