Caution with treat hanging strings.

By jsr5 · Apr 11, 2019 · ·
  1. jsr5
    One evening when I went to close up the run and collect eggs I found one of our girls hanging by one toe poor girl got tangled in one of the treat strings we have out there. We had recently rearranged and put nest boxes under one, she musta got it tangled when on top of the nesting boxes and hung herself when she jumped off. I spent Quite a bit of time getting Gertie (newly named as Gertie my Turdie birdie :p ) rehydrated with the nutridrench stuff and fed all the pellets and worms we could get in her. Her leg was steadily improving and I have hopes she may rejoin the flock she can at least keep it under her to sleep by the time we were done.

    So anyway take care with the cords used to hang treats and boredom reducing toys and stuff. Could have been far worse if she had done it early in morning or somthing when it was gonna be longer before we got to her. She was very thirsty but she did not seem to be overly dehydrated yet. So I doubt she was there more than three or 4 hours.

    It has been suggested to me (thankyou @rosemarythyme ) that chains would be a better and safer option for treat and suet hanging since chickens and livestock in general have a knack for getting themselves tangled in cordages left around. For myself I will be getting several feet of the lightest plastic or plastic coated chain I can find at the TSC.

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    "Should be a thread"
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      It is it started that way and I was asked to make it a article as well so I did.


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    Good reminder...glad Gertie was ok.
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