Hello and welcome to my page! I am new to Chickens and currently have a flock of chicks I started on April 1, 2011 (received just hatched a day or two before, in the mail that day! April Fools, not!) We live in South Eastern Wisconsin and I would love to connect with other chicken lovers in our area!
Anyhow I have 10 chicks, funny characters all and now they are out of the brooder and in the garage, tonight will be first night in new coop and this weekend starts run construction! I have 2 bantam golden seabrights (i think), 2 buff orphington's, 3 brahma, and 3 plymouth barred rocks. I love them all! They free range in the yard by day and back into their coop at night. I plan on only keeping the pullets, the roosters will have to go to a neighboring farm
but otherwise i would have no chickens as I am sure my neighbors would have a fit with the crowing. I plan to raise them as pets and for their eggs.
Here is a scene of the "building of the coop"! It is built under a raised deck on the back of our unattached garage and faces to the west. A surrounding run built to withstand predators in under design now... the coop has three nest boxes, one big roost and a few windows, it is raised off the ground by about 3 feet. It will be well protected for our very cold and long winters! Special thanks to my significant other for building it for me!

Here are some of my babies!