Hi y'all! Greetings from Texas! We got 4 baby chicks, one for each of our children, just before Easter. We got 1 Barred Rock, 1 Easter Egger, and 2 Rhode Island Reds. We loved the idea of having pets that produce eggs to eat and can fertilize the garden! We also thought the kids would enjoy them and learn from them. We researched everything from breeds to coops and found a wealth of helpful information in BYC community. We've really enjoyed having backyard chickens although we're down to 3 because one (our EE) ended up being a rooster and we're not allowed to have them where we live. Here are a few pics of our coop and chick-a-dees!

The day they came home (~3 days old)

In the brooder

Our dog, JoJo, curious to what's moving around and making all that noise! (Actually he was scared of them the day we brought them home! He went outside and wouldn't come back in for a long time until we made him! LOL)

Buffy (RIR)

She's our curious one who's not camera shy!

Rosey (RIR)

Chica (BR)

Cocoa (EE roo)

Thanks for checking out my page! Have a great day!