Welcome to my BYC homepage!
Here you can view my ever-changing chicken setup. It is always a work in progress, especially for my DH.


Our unfinished new chicken "compound", getting ready for the winter. We put tarps on the top for the winter to keep out blowing snow.
It looks dark in there from this angle, but it is really bright in there, They will come off in the spring.
thanks to the skylight panels. It is a 20'x20' Versatube carport from Menards.

These are my 2 banties inside the enclosure. One of my red sweeties having a snack outside of the coop.
The tarp came down. Looks lovely, I know. H.D. was clearing them out in the fall so we got it pretty cheap.
See what I mean about being really bright in there? It is a Rubbermaid Big Maxx. We added the pet door.

This is the inside of the coop. This is one of my nestboxes that my DH built for me.
The nestboxes are made from recycled wood that we had laying around. The thing on top is a piece of rubber to make cleaning easier.

This is a 20'x5' section we made for the new pullets. This is my Dominique rooster, Moose, watching over his ladies.
Our rabbits decided they liked this area better, so they are in there too.
When the girls are big enough to join the ladies, my banties will go in here.

These are my partridge bantams, Jack & Henrietta. Henrietta.
They are 9 years old in 2011.

Jack & the ladies enjoying some sun. This is Stella.

These are my new babies as of April 2011. Double-barreled stink eye. Never too young to stink.
Buff Orpingtons & Black Australorps.

Obviously they think they are too old for a brooder anymore. The big day! They're moving out with the big girls.
That 2nd black one has really mastered the art of stink eye.

After the initial terror of coming face to face with a chick-eating bunny, My bunnies, Shadow, 8, and Jasmine, 5. They were thoroughly
the girls calmed down and accepted their new roomies with open wings. unimpressed.

That's all folks! At least for now. Hope you enjoyed the tour. See you around the forum.