This is my Mother's Day present. I just love it. It is a Lowes Quick Shed that we converted into a coop. It measures 8 x 10. We put runs on both sides. They are converted dog kennels. One is 8 x 10 and the other is 6 x 10. Since these pictures were taken we have added hardware cloth around the bottom 2' of the runs. It is and I guess will always be a work in progress but I just love it Growing up in Texas my Grandma had chickens. I think some of my fondest childhood memories are going to Grandma's house and gathering the eggs and feeding the chickens. She also had a strawberry patch that I loved. Maybe that will be my next project. I am hoping to make memories for my daughter Talia (we adopted her when she was 5 and we were 50), my 4 grandchildren, and twin nephews (my brother's wife had them when he was 50. crazy huh?) My 4 grown children seem to be loving it too as I have found them looking for eggs. I have put a bench beside the run so that Talia and I can watch chicken TV in the evenings. It has become one of Talia's favorite places to do her homework too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my chickens! I have 2 barred rocks, 1 production red, 3 EE, 3 cochin bantams, and 1 sexlink.

This is my chicken tractor. I bought it already made. I use it to move around my yard during the day. I lock my chickens up at night in the big coop. If I were going to keep chickens in it at night I would need to add harware cloth and an inside door for the coop section. Right now the front of the coop section is completely open. I really like it but it is heavy. I usually get someone else to help me move it. I might try to find a way I can hook it up to my lawn tractor for easier moving. If I were building one like this I would have made the top hinged for easier cleaning and of course put on hardware cloth. I am thinking of buying some silkies in the spring to put in there. We'll see!