Changing Local Chicken Laws: My Experience
This page is dedicated to the journey of changing one's local chicken ordinance. My interest in this subject began when I found out that my city only allowed two (2) city chickens, unless the coop can be 35 feet away from all residences/dwellings. If you are reading this page, you probably already know the pros to owning backyard chickens. My quest is to, either, establish a process through which exemptions to the current ordinance can be obtained, or loosen the current ordinance to allow an increased number of chickens allowed in residential zoning.
Find your current chicken laws:

Here are ideas circulated on the BYC forum:
Search BYC to find local chicken owners.
Start a Facebook or Google Group to find supporters.
Post signs at local feed and/or pet stores.
Talk to your neighbors. How do they feel about the proposed change in ordinance? You will need their support.
Gather the support of important local people that support your cause (authors, business owners).
Create a petition.
Who is control of changing the ordinance? (In my City, the Animal Control division of the Police Department enforce the ordinance. However, City Planning is in charge of creating the laws and policies)
What were the laws in the past? Look for information 5, 10, 20 years ago.
Is there a Right to Farm Act in your state? I believe there is one in every state.
Your local Ag Extension may be able to provide you with helpful information.
To quote a fellow BYC member: "Do your research and then start talking to your fellow citizens and then see about opening the door. Come prepared, with facts, the town's, the people's wants, local laws nearby, and REAL chicken knowledge NOT rumor or myth... maybe even make a flyer of info like that for those neighbors you'll talk to... educate them, don't let ignorance rule... then when you've got yourself good and armed, with a bevy of supporters... THEN you take on city hall."
My facebook group,!/home.php?sk=group_177505438945317&ap=1, has videos of a movement in the city of Denver, Colorado. The page features some videos that they are using in their campaign, as well as articles by a fellow BYC member about the pros of having backyard chickens.

Here are some very helpful websites: