Hi! I live in southern Ontario with my family and some of my fine feathered friends :) We started out with 7 Buff Orpington pullets, 8 Silver laced Wyandottes pullets and 3 Partridge Chantecler Roos, as well as two Embden geese and 6 Khaki Campbell ducks (4 drakes and 2 hens).

We got all the birds shipped from Performance Poultry on May the 7th, 2009. They were all healthy and active and, since receiving them we've had only one loss, due to a family of foxes living nearby. Raising these fellows has been very fun, interesting, and above all, time consuming and nerve racking.




I'm finally updating my page a little bit... It's now Jan. 2010, and the birds are all 30+ weeks old. we get delicious, fresh eggs from most of them, though some have not started laying yet. One of our khaki campbell girls was eaten by a fox (there is a family of them living behind my house, perfect eh?) and we were left with 4 boys and one unhappy girl, so we did some selling and trading of the drakes to get some new ducks. We now have one campbell drake left, and a new runner girl. We also got a young muscovy duck hoping it was a girl, but it seems to be a boy (lucky for him, he's got a great personality and we will be keeping him, as longas he doesn't hurt any of our girls). We also sold our geese because my family didn't like them very much (they were mostly only nice to me, I will miss them forever).