Checkers - Shepherdstown's favorite bird!

  1. WitchyWomanWV
    So Checkers is my *big* barred rock roo...Initially there was no plan of keeping him and he had been destined for the stewpot. Long story short, every time we had the time to cull and butcher, it began to rain. This gave our boy just enough time to prove himself as a sweetheart with a 1 ton character squeezed into a just under 10lb body. He has become a flock protector, gardening companion,endless amusement, and even a late night hang out buddy! He has carved himself a niche in our home and even made friends with the locals! [​IMG]

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  1. mudhen
    Hi! I am in Shepherdstown as well. Haven't been on BYC in a while but nice to see another member in the 'neighborhood'!
  2. Whittni

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