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By checoukan · Oct 21, 2012 · Updated Feb 14, 2013 ·
  1. checoukan
    Items from swaps I am waiting on for spring shipping, or when they start laying again:

    Swedish Flower Hens From kraftylady24 We agreed to switch breeds on 11-19, will be Lav Amer.
    Lav Ameraucanas From Kraftyladies When they start laying
    Cream Legbars From babymakes6

    Items I will have to swap.

    Bantam Polish Once they start laying.
    Bantam Partridge Wyandottes Once they start laying. These are young birds.
    Black Rosecombs. Once they start laying.

    All of my birds are from show stock.

    Items I have recieved:

    CJ Walden: 6 Cream Legbars. 10-18 2012 Hatched 3 chicks
    emvickrey 6 Silky eggs Hatched 1, 1 died at lockdown
    madamwlf 7 Cream legbars 12-3-2012 Hatched 3 chicks.
    reese poultry Bantam salmon faverelles Jan. no hatch, post office not nice!
    crfarm 8 blue marans (2-13)

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