My name is Karen I am married with 2 boys age 5 and 6 and a daughter of 22 who has flown the nest! we live in Wiltshire.
We are currently undergoing a total life change!
Our village house is on the market and we will (as soon as it sells) be moving to a much more rural location and start a life of semi - self sufficiency it is all very exciting!
We have bantams, Silkies and Appenzellas, I would like to breed my own chickens and want to own more rare breeds.
I would love to have a couple of Peacocks also when we move and would love to hear from anyone who has Peacocks and chickens and any information or ideas they have would be gratefully received.
Chickens are great we currently only keep them as pets right now and its so funny to observe their different personalities and traits, I waste far too much time in the days sometimes just watching them.