May 25thish,2009-June 3, 2010

CheesePuff was my favorite of all the chickens we ever had. She was my baby, she was sweet, caring, and she was very "helpful". Always helping me collect the eggs. In a way, this is kinda her obituary. Anyway, CheesePuff ment the world to me. I loved her. Alot.
Deep in Kentucky is a small farm were we got CheesePuff and some 20+ other chicks. She was the smallest of her breed (Buff Orpington) and she was always sickly. I guess with all the handling we did and all the things we did with and for her, she became more then a chicken we kept in the backyard, but a pet.
As a pullet, when she got excited, she would start peeping like a chick again. It was more then just cute! And she liked the song "Cheesy Poof" and everytime you would sing it, she would start peeping and flapping her wings. She also did not much care for the snow..but liked riding around in the sled. Also, in late fall she started to go broody, but I messed that one up by messing with her too much. As well as all of that, she loved me and my little brother, Kameron, to bits and peices. When we called her name, she stoped and let us pick her up and love on her. In the spring, we had her and three other hens out in the front yard, "mowing the lawn" because my step daddy, Gary,'s mower was broken. And did she get the job done. When something was bugging me and I needed to cry, I hung out in the coop. CheesePuff was always there, sitting on my lap. Comforting me. And thats how she was as a young hen. She was a good girl and we have so many memories with her.
Early morning, June 3, 2010, I guess someone let the dogs outside. They got into the chicken coop, and killed more then half the flock. I woke up about 5:30 am to the sound of hens screaming. I got there too late for all that was outside in the run but two. CheesePuff and a Golden Comet pullet. CheesePuff was lying in a pile struggling to breathe and the Comet was scared and curled up next to Cheese. I brought both in the house, and wraped them in towels. Roughly about 6:00 am, CheesePuff died. You know how people say you can see/feel the life leave someone's body? You can. I was there, holding CheesePuff in my arms, doing everything I knew to help her. Comforting her, like she did me. Then she started screaming and flailing her head around and finaly took that last breathe.
We buryed her near the coop, with Spooky, our Polish Rooster, Popsicle, our Silver Laced Wyandott hen, and Lily, our Blue Cochin hen. And as for the Golden Comet, shes still alive. Spooked. But still kicking. Also, theres one thing that made me happy with the death of so many of the flock: the runt made it. Our little Brahma pullet made it. Shes the runt that we got back in the spring. We've bonded with her like we did CheesePuff. So in a way, CheesePuff still lives on. In our hearts, our minds, and the new buff runt.