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    Hi All!
    Welcome to my page!
    These are my EE Ladies! Pics taken at just shy of 8 wks.
    Shania- I THINK she's the boss, but I can't really tell between her an Sunny. She has a mellow personality. Funny quirk, when she gets a treat she'll take it to the corner and eat it away from the others.
    Scrambles- Definantly NOT the boss. She's the sweetest of the three and acts like she doesn't really care when I bring treats. Maybe she just doesn't like bugs? Vegitarian chicken??
    Sunny- Hyper and everywhere! She's the first to get out of the coop every morning and first to get to the treats and tends to gobble down the lion's share. Actually seperated her out when I was giving them some crickets yesterday to give Shania and Scrambles a chance.

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