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By nicolets · Apr 3, 2012 · Updated Jul 12, 2012 · ·
  1. nicolets
    Nicolets, a chicken-owner-wannabe! [​IMG]
    It all started with ... hmm ... where did it start? Perhaps it was my chicken-owning friend who won't stop talking about chickens [​IMG][​IMG] (that would be me now, though!), or perhaps I just stumbled across My Pet Chicken one way or another. But it would have been around May 2010, when I joined BYC. Basically, I had, at that time, discovered the wonderful world of chickens, tried to enter it (meaning, trying to 'get me some chickens'), and eventually failed, intending to forget about chickens for a few years.
    Two years later, I tried again, working more with numbers this time. I discovered that I could reach my goal, but I would have to wait another year or two. 'Til then, I'll be perfecting my fiscal, logistical, and management plans.[​IMG]
    Currently, my biggest concern is definitely permission, so I hope that while I continue research I will be able to answer all my parents' questions and concerns. [​IMG]
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]

    I love this & wanted to add it here [​IMG] (I got this from user Talbott Poultry)...

    How to Count Chickens
    1. Eggs do not count because you never count your chickens before they hatch.
    2. Meaties and extra roos do not count because they are dinner.
    3. Roos that are for breeding do not count because they are breeders.
    4. Chicks do not count because they might be male or female; never can be sure until they lay an egg!
    5. Broody hens do not count because they are incubators and are not laying eggs.
    6. Hens that have just hatched off chicks do not count because they are new mothers.
    7. Hens that are molting do not count because they are not laying eggs.
    8. Old hens do not count because they no longer laying eggs.
    9. Any chicken that is for sale or trade does not count because they are leaving.
    10. You can never have an odd number of chickens because no one wants to be the odd chicken out.
    11. Bantams only count as half a chicken because they are small.
    12. Any chicken that has a name cannot be counted because once you give them a name they are family, and you cannot count family.


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  1. nicolets
    No, I'm in Monroe County of PA.
  2. TheRookie
    Are you in NC?
  3. nicolets
    Thank you, too!
  4. LoriL
    I had wanted chickens for years too, but it took winning a chicken coop in one of BackyardChickens' contests to make me jump in. So, enter every contest you see--you might just win! Good luck, Nicolets!
  5. nicolets
    Thank you!
  6. TheChicknGarden
    aww good luck with your parents! keeping my fingers crossed... i think everyone should have chickens :)

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