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Ok so I'm totally new at keeping chickens and I haven't the slightest clue on how to really properly raise them. So hey why not join here and have some fun???
So I'm planning on getting three Plymouth Rock chickens in June hopefully. June seems a long time from now, but that means I have more time to prepare!
Been doing some reaserch and found out how to tell if the peeps are male or female. This seems to work for all 'dominique' chickens, I've heard. If you want a hen, then pick a chick with a small, compact, white dot on its head and darker legs. If you want a rooster, you pick one with a bigger, less uniform white dot on its head and really yellow/lighter colored legs.
I found this info while browsing the great forums of BYC. ^^ Hope this info helps a few of you who are wondering. I think this method only applies to younger chicks
Checklist : (things I need before June 09 for my chickens)
I've written 'CHECK!' on the items I've got.
1. Wire for brooder pen - CHECK
1. Wood
3. Spare light fixture & lights(for heating the babies once I get 'em) - CHECK!
4. Chick/en Feed
5. Oyster shell for nutrients
6. Food & Water containers
*will add more as I learn what they need*