Chickadee Acres
"Where The Chickens Go"
Chickadee Acres is 25 acres of paradise. We have plenty of space so our chickens never get bored. We have one chicken coop and are getting ready to build another one. In our first coop, we have the layers, which includes five production reds, four buff orpingtons, two plymouth barred rocks, two ameracaunas, and one silver laced wyandotte. Currently living in a rabbit hutch indoors are two silkies and one frizzle.
We show our two lovely silkies, Anastasia and Sugar. Anastasia is buff and Sugar is white. They are the sweetest chickens we have ever had. We will be getting more silkies in the spring or summer.

We just got our first incubator. It holds three eggs. It is small but is perfect for beginners. It is so easy to use! It is white and has automatic turning. We hope to hatch silkie eggs in it soon.
One more important thing to talk about is our frizzle. We love "it". We can not tell if is a boy or girl, though we think it is a boy. It is almost five months old and stands no more then seven inches tall. Why? We do not know. He/She has had proper heat and nutrtion. I guess we just got the midget frizzle.
I will be adding photos later