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"Ask Peeps" is an advice column starring Peeps, the Royal Palm turkey. Don't let her looks fool you, she's no "bird brain." With an excellent store of knowledge and sardonic wit she will give new meaning to the term "talking turkey!" Hand raised by her loving human family, Peeps prefers riding shotgun with her adopted mom "Chickchair" to ranging with her own kind.
There's nothing that Peeps doesn't have an opinion about, and nothing makes her happier than new friends and spreading the joy that can only come from our feathered folk. So, if you've got a question and want to have some fun, send Peeps your questions: [email protected]
Admin Note: Peeps wants everyone to know that she likes "off the wall" questions the best. If you have serious questions or concerns about raising chickens please post them in our BYC forum.​
Dear Peeps,
We have 13 hens and a rooster we want to keep out of the garden. They have been free range up til now. My husband erected a fence that is about5 feet tall. They just laugh and fly over it. We want to clip their wings but are afraid to because they like to roost in the rafters of the shed we converted into a coop. What should we do?

Peeps Says:
S'funny how my smaller cousins keep their ability to fly a secret, isn't it? Gardens just bring out that "grass is greener" instinct. I myself like to fly to the top of the coop and over the six foot fence to visit the neighbors now and again... They've put a garden in just for me to snack on...(I think) I love the way they start jumping up and down and making funny noises while I nibble!

Clipping wings is really easy. Just trim the primary flight feathers (the longest ones on the end of the wing) on one side. This keeps us a little off balance and unable to catch enough air to get very high off the ground.
If they can't get to the shed rafters to roost, you may need to put some lower roosts up for them. If they're in the enclosed pen, then you can just put some deer netting over the top and skip the wing clipping. If it's the garden that's enclosed, clipping will probably be more convenient for you. It doesn't harm the birds and causes them no pain.
Good luck....


Dear Peeps,
One of my poor chickens was attacked by my dog last week and suffered several injuries. I have had her confined and she is doing much better. Her wounds are healing well except it now appears for sure that she has a broken wing. I have looked everywhere online for reccomendations but have not found any suggestions for treatment. Please advise if possible.


Peeps Says:
Dear Michelle,
The best thing to do for a broken wing is to immobilize it in the most natural way she can stand... Your local feed store has "vet wrap" which is a wonderful dressing material that holds to itself, but not to feathers, etc. Use this for her, and maybe see if there's an avian vet in the area. They may be willing to do the first wrap for you without charging too much...

Good luck with your baby....
Dear friends of the feathered...
This week I need to discuss with you something to be careful about....
One of those predator type creatures called dogs that humans are so fond of came to live with my personal human servants... I went over to greet this strange addition to my home, and the ungrateful four legged fur ball proceeded to pull out some of my tail feathers...! I just wanted to say Hi, and this is the treatment I get? Thank heavens my lovable but naive family had the creature restrained! My dignity and my feathers are indeed ruffled by this lack of respect! Humph!!!
Now, I, Peeps, am done venting.

For those of my precious readers who do or are contemplating getting one of these critters, I feel the need to ask for caution and good training. I can tell you from personal experience that accidents can happen in mere seconds of inattention....

Be safe, my readers....be safe...

In feathered fondness,

Dear Peeps.
How do you prevent the egg from hatching when it is shipped off to a
supermarket? Is the egg not fertilized yet? How is an egg fertilized?
Peeps Says:
Dear Curious,
The eggs are fertilized long before they're laid by the hen...
Certainly eggs do not hatch if no rooster is with them. Fertile eggs must be kept at the right temperature for the right length of time in order to hatch. Remember...we girls don't "cluck and tell:", and our males are required to dance well before we consider them "dating material"...​
Dear Peeps.
My Mom says she needs to think about me having chickens. Will you tell her it's ok?
Signed, Deprived
Peeps Says:
Dear Deprived....
I tend to fall on the side of turk...er...mothers.....
Not knowing your age, I would hesitate to say "get them anyway and Mom will fall under the spell" If you are above the age of 25, I would recommend moving out first. If you are a student still, then for gosh sakes do your homework, get straight "A's" and finish your chores before asking Mom for anything!​

Dear Peeps.
How about a date? I'm a mature royal palm tom named Vince, and I'd like to get to know you better.
Peeps Says:
Peeps is pleased that a Tom as cute as Vincent expresses interest in her.
Peeps finds Vincent pleasing to the eye...yet feels no desire to post his picture before she decides to reciprocate his adorably twitterpated feelings....(Peeps has decided....She will share such a handsome male with the world)

Spring comes, and yes, Peeps can be affected...yet she needs to consider the pros vs the cons of any romantic liaison with the ever so handsome Vincent....​
Dear Peeps.
My husband doesn't like chickens very well. What size club should I hit him with?
Thanks. Chickenwoman
Peeps Says:
Dear Chickenwoman...

There is no club big enough for a spouse who's adverse to our feathered selves.....
I would recommend killing him with kindness, then letting him think more peeps is his idea...!
If this method doesn't work, then a "Louisville Slugger" should help change his mind.....
03/02/2007 (Very First "Ask Peeps")
Dear Peeps,
How do I know if I am ready to have chicks?
Signed, Wondering

Peeps Says:
One can always tell one's readiness to have chicks by doing a "self-checklist" if you will....

1) Can you walk?
2) Can you talk?
3) Are you breathing?

If all these are answered with "Yes" then it's time to add a little "fluff" to your home....
If any of the answers are "No", then Peeps thinks you should contact 911, or head to the feed store, listen to the peeping, and succumb to the cuteness that is poultry...​