Chicken Behaviours (With You and the Flock)

By TheTwoRoos · May 31, 2016 · ·
  1. TheTwoRoos
    I thought I would make a Thread just on chickens and you.Mainly on "Interactions".

    Some people can get a confusion on whether a chicken is being aggressive or not.
    Chickens will take you as a 'Flock member" and may dominate you.This doesn't always mean they will.

    How Do you know you have been accepted?some of the ways you can tell that you are part of your flock is they will gather around you,sit next to you and even perch nest to you while preening.They may even consider eating small things off of you.

    What does it look like when a hen is trying to dominate me?When chickens fight or show how "convincing" they look,it usually turns out something like,flaring their mane,growling,wing dropping (Not wing dance,although some hens will do this.).If your hens are flogging,grab pecking you this is a sign that "YOU" need to take action.

    Honestly,I wouldn't literally "Fight" your hen,just hold her to the ground,or shove her.Roosters are not the only ones who can become aggressive.

    Enough about "Human and Chicken" interaction,what about chickens and chickens?

    Face Pecking:Many people think this is a way of showing who is dominant or a way they "Submit".No,I have hens who will do this to some of the lowest hens in the order,it's just them cleaning one another.

    Head laying:Some chickens whether it's dust bathing,or just them laying down will take their Long Necks,and lay them on each others backs.This is a bonding type thing.

    Perching,and Preening:Also another bonding.Chickens will clean themselves and will occasionally clean each others feathers.

    Chickens Defending each other:I have had hens do this.My dog will attack hens,and other chickens will come over flogging,pinching etc.I found it odd,but then realized what they were doing.

    Hens calling other hens over for feed?It's rare,and very odd,but it is also a way of being a flock.It is bonding as well.

    Sunbathing and Dust bathing:Sunbathing is when a chicken finds a nice warm spot in the sun,puffs a few feathers on it's neck up,and lays its wing out and sits on its side and baths in the sun.Dust bathing is when a chicken makes a small ditch/hole and has lots of dirt around it's body and begin making shaking movements (It's something you may wanna look up on youtube.)They will also cuddle together (Even in 85 type whether,that's how strong things can get between chickens.)

    Chickens also will always,always need a partner.....their flock animals,any herd or flock animal without a partner is never a happy camper.

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  1. Lisa Wood
    What is Flogging? Mine are hatched 05/17, all pullets, asst breeds, and they keep dive bombing and chest fighting each other?

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