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  1. Chicken Egg 17
    Notes for 3-21-16 I hope there will be plenty of notes this week and u have the option to give me suggestions for the notes and here is what I have so far to put here that sounds good for this thread.

    I have 14 of my mixed flock eggs in the incubator and they are starting to form and every thing is going good so far and I have seen quiet a few good pics of peoples favorite breeds I hope there will be plenty more here.

    here is a list of things u could let me know about to add into the notes
    1 ok u could let me know about any hatching eggs
    2 any chicks u ordered
    3 broody hens with eggs or chicks
    4 the most common favorite breed

    ok I how this helps give u an idea of what u could let me know about to add and I know it don't seem like much but there isn't much I know about to add ok well hope to see some suggestions and things I could add and I could update the notes sooner I have added a turkey to the flock and since she seems lonely with the chickens I will be getting another turkey hen soon. Plus I will be building a breeding pen and start breeding/raiseing beared silkies.[​IMG][​IMG]

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