This is me and my foal his name is Rodeo born on 24th of January 2011!
Hello my name is Charlotte I live on a 11 acre farm with 4 horses, 2 dogs, 9 cows, 1 cat and dont forget the chickens:) I have 2 brothers and of course a mum and dad.

Here are some pictures of the farm!!!

This is osca my cat
Bit posh LOL

And some of the cows: Norman:
Besy(grey) Bella(Caramel)
Normans mum
Bellas mum
Besys mum
And my potty calf Drover
Now this is Molly and Tommy, Molly the brown one Tommy the white one SMILE:
Now the horses will come later on I have no pictures of the yet:(

And now for some pictures of the chickens not all of them I will put some on though later in time: Pingu the black one Kit the red one:
Pengu again
Tweety my broody

And one of our pens is progress

There will be updates:) Types of chickens: Rodeline reds, Pure Astralorps, cross astralorp, Light sussex.