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  1. Chicken Coop Cop
    th_IMG_1297.jpg FUTURE EGG MASTER "GABE"
    Getting ready to teach the little one all about raising chickens. I'm hoping this will raise his interest in home production instead of counting on someone esle to do it for him.. It's better someone show's me the way and I will learn from there.................
    Have a Flock of 6 French Black Copper Marans, 5 Blue Red Laced Wyandottes. Will have several Welsummers to hatch March 21, 2009. I Will post pic's as soon as eggs hatch! Little Gabe loves feeding and picking up his eggs. "My chit ins Nana"!!!!!

    10808_february_2009_personal_pictures_022.jpg Marans girls! 10808_february_2009_personal_pictures_014.jpg
    10808_february_2009_personal_pictures_042.jpg Old yard hen egg 10808_img_0972.jpg Got my egg Nana!

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