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If you want to make homemade food and water dispensers, and find out which scraps are safe to feed your chickens this is the article to read!
By Brady bunch · Jul 14, 2019 ·
  1. Brady bunch
    When you get your chickens one of the first things that you need to do is set up a water dispenser and feeder. Another thing is what scraps are safe to feed your chickens. In this article it will include some easy designs for feeders and water dispensers.
    One easy water dispenser design is to simply take a one liter bottle and cut four small holes in the bottom of the bottle. Than use super glue to stick the bottle to a shallow (not too shallow though) dish/bowl. Let it dry for instructed time on glue. Once you waited, make sure the bottle is securely fastened to the dish or bowl. If you fill up the bottle from the top/nose you will see that it does not all come out at once (if you did not cut the holes too big). BD26CAEC-5B96-4DDA-893D-347D6F876F22.jpeg
    (Bottle on left)
    This design is great for chicks, but as they get older they knock over the plastic water bottle over. After this you can buy a water dispenser or use the same design just use a two liter bottle with a bigger dish.
    (This is a water dispenser that you can buy at the store for around 2-3 dollars)
    Another thing that you will need is a feeder. One way to make a homemade feeder is to take a plastic pipe and cut it in half. Than on each side of the pipe take two small pieces of wood and super glue them to each end. Than take a larger piece of wood the same length of the pipe and small pieces of wood to make a base.
    (This design works well for adults and chicks)
    When they get to around 15 weeks you can for sure give them scraps. Some of the scraps that our chickens LOVE are watermelon scraps, salmon scraps, on hot days frozen corn and grapes, also corn cobs are great. Just cut off most off corn and they will pick off the rest. Also cherries are great too. Now something that we are lucky to have is cherry trees because we live in what used to be a cherry orchard so there are TONS of cherry’s that fall down and the girls love them.
    Thanks for reading!

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    Lot's of good ideas to up-cycle "trash" into useful chicken-equipment. Many pictures, entertaining to read. Well done!
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      Thanks! I am glad you liked it because it was my first article I wrote!


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