Chicken Musings

By Buone Uova · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Buone Uova
    Pensieri del pulcino
    (Chicken thoughts)
    [​IMG] Have you ever thought about what is going on in those cute little heads (testa) as they bok, scratch, poop and look at you with a cock-eyed (no pun intended) tilt of the head? Surely they are thinking thoughts, right? Something like:
    Hmmmm, wonder if that bug will come a little closer..."Here, buggy buggy."
    What's that over there....."Does it go crunch?"
    Who says only cows can have fun..."Come on Girlies, RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!"
    I think they want me to go up that plank....I'll show them who's boss!!!!

    What's up with this thingy on my leg....Don't they know I don't like this color? [​IMG]
    Hey, I like your leg band better than mine...Let's confuse the Big Bald Guy and switch [​IMG]
    Gotta get the bug, gotta get the bug, she got the bug, gonna get her bug...BOK got the bug.[​IMG]
    BOKBOK she's picking me up...[​IMG] Help! She's picking me up...ooohh she's scritchin' my crop[​IMG]

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