Pensieri del pulcino
(Chicken thoughts)
Have you ever thought about what is going on in those cute little heads (testa) as they bok, scratch, poop and look at you with a cock-eyed (no pun intended) tilt of the head? Surely they are thinking thoughts, right? Something like:
Hmmmm, wonder if that bug will come a little closer..."Here, buggy buggy."
What's that over there....."Does it go crunch?"
Who says only cows can have fun..."Come on Girlies, RUNNNNNNNNNN!!!"
I think they want me to go up that plank....I'll show them who's boss!!!!

What's up with this thingy on my leg....Don't they know I don't like this color?

Hey, I like your leg band better than mine...Let's confuse the Big Bald Guy and switch

Gotta get the bug, gotta get the bug, she got the bug, gonna get her bug...BOK got the bug.

BOKBOK she's picking me up...
Help! She's picking me up...ooohh she's scritchin' my crop