Chicken Palace Has Begun

By ByrdFeathers · Apr 5, 2018 · Updated Apr 12, 2018 · ·
  1. ByrdFeathers
    Well here are a couple photos of my process so far. I will update with photos as it grows. Eventually will house 5 breeds with their own run and coop, a couple nurseries for chicks, an all hen pen, adolescent Roo pen and lots of outside runs for them.

    Today was roof day! Dimensions are 18x24

    The plan is to build 5 x 12 ft runs on the right side, on back side the hen pen lol. Will have a 16 x 12 run. Also thinking about an additional 10 ft in depth on right side and the back with a 24 x 24 run all open fenced to alternate daily between all the coops. I will add drawing to better explain. I think it will be added security another fence for predators to have to deal with. Both side and the back will be covered with wire and shade cloth. I live in Florida so it gets rather warm. To many other things to bore you with but have so many plans. One question for all of you. Do any of you have a livestock dog that you raised from puppy in your coops with chickens and they became the chicken guardian?

    Oh the small building under it is a pump house that is way to big and it is coming down!

    Stay tuned! 7C3923CB-0E80-4E5C-98E7-75CAA9B0FDB8.jpeg 8586AF6B-9A43-451D-98D0-8DDFA2CB36E2.jpeg 572D0078-AE2C-4AB1-83B6-FE2C8025D54E.jpeg

    Ok so did a little more work today. The metal which I got for free will need to be repainted but heavy duty stuff so well worth it. Needed to move my Easter Eggers so don’t judge me on the temporary doors, The hardware cloth didn’t make it. Will redo doors in the next couple days. So the two coops in the pics are 5x7. After I get inside descent I will be adding the outdoor runs.

    F11BEA02-6F8C-45F1-942F-B7BB9DE47263.jpeg 1EA65C65-36BC-4327-80CF-32658EA21B20.jpeg FB50212E-74B9-4F9C-9503-1A7C489768E2.jpeg 4C9E4934-4378-4BE9-AA98-BDAE44D57A0E.jpeg

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  1. N F C
    Staying tuned for updates!
  2. casportpony
    Looks like you're off to a great start!
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