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By coupvilla · Oct 2, 2012 · ·
  1. coupvilla
    I think people who dislike chickens, hear only about the commercially kept, or have driven past, one of those buildings. Everyone knows how they smell!
    I have kept flocks, on and off since the 70s. All my layers are considered pets. I could never eat them. If I want a meat bird, I buy them, for that reason, and try not to let them worm their way, into my heart.

    This is Xena. She's top hen..........who would mess with her? She clucks orders all day long. She has what you would call attitude. She's personality walking around on chicken legs. Recently, my daughter was visiting from out of state. She walked in the pen, picked up Xena, and buried her face in xena's feathers. "Oh! She smells so good! Like rosemary and wood shavings." (I put herbs in the nests to keep away mites.)
    OH!! I think, now I know where I've seen Xena's look before!


    It was when my daughter turned 4. She gave me this look, usually when I asked her to do something. I'm glad they caught this impish expression, in her kindergarden picture. Now, I'm enjoying it even more:)
    Oh, and by the way, they both really have the sweetest personalities. It's all bluff.


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  1. Lady Ressler
    People need to remember what it is like to not have a commercial size setting of everything. Havinng chickens as pets is completely different from the commercial chaos (and smell). I do agree eerily similar. Great post.
  2. WillowChick
    So sweet, Thanks for sharing. I totally agree btw. My friend hates chickens because she worked on a commercial chicken farm for a while. NO COMPARISON!

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