Chicken Poop Problems Solutions Are Here

By BarredRhodeGold · Nov 10, 2012 · Updated Nov 10, 2012 ·
  1. BarredRhodeGold
    Poop here, and Poop there

    Free ranging backyard chickens are nice, but when their poop gets on that cement, things can get a little messy. After owning three chickens for only a year and a half, some neat tricks come up on getting those little messes off our neat patio!

    There are different tactics when battling wet and dry poop. When you meet fresh ones, you can simply hose them away with the setting on most garden hoses called "jet". If you cannot find this setting, simply experiment with your settings until you find a powerful stream of water. This should get away all the little particles that you don't want.

    But often, many people are busy and we just can't stay in the backyard, hose poised to fire at any loads dropped on the cement. Then we get home and see that the backyard is covered with dried chicken poo. This stuff should be made into superglue. Our family found a neat trick that will get rid of any poop specks! Buy a broom and dustpan with hard edges. You can scuff the edge of the dustpan against raised poo and get stuck ones off. Brush the poo into your dustpan and dispose the poo in any place you like. Repeat for any poop found. Sometimes, the white part of the poo just has to stain the walkway. To fix this problem, get your handy-dandy hose and broom and SPRAY AND BRUSH at the SAME TIME!!! This works miracles. You might need to call on a fellow family member or friend to help you. Scrub vigorously for best results.

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