Thank you for visiting my page! It is still in progress, but here it is...
Currently I have 12 Chickens. :) The breeds: Sumatras (4), Cuckoo Marans (4), Buttercups(1), Silkie(1) and Easter Eggers(2). I hope for my next order to be in the Spring! I'm thinking of some Silkies, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Russian Orloffs, and some Nacked Necks.
Here are a few of my chickies that have grown up!



Here they all are in the brooder. It is just a horse trough with two heat lamps, 2 1 quart waterers, and 1 gallon feeder. They seem to enjoy it. I am wanting to make some small roosts and maybe a toy. It is very hard to see em', but I have 26 chickies in there.

I am building a 3x5 brooder, and when I am done with it and the coop I will post some pictures of it! My favorite video!