Carsten's Minature Farm

Hi my name is Carsten. I live about a hour or so from Boston, in Ipswich. I got my first chickens in March. Then one morning me and my grandpa went outside and saw the terrible secne. All 12 chickens were dead. I think somehow a weasle got in there. But that same day I got a new dozen chicks. Sadly one of the chicks died a few weeks after we got them. Then one day we heard a loud crowing sound. Yup, we had a rooster. Couple days later it was on my plate. From then on eveything went nicely. Finally one day after school i was going out to give my chickens some lettuce When I looked in the nest boxes and there was a small white egg! From then on the ten chickens that i had started to lay like crazy. One evening my mom and i were closing the chicken coop when she said there was only 9 hens. I thought she was joking. She came around the coop with the flash light. And in a corner lay a brown leghorn. I walked over to it thinking she was sleeping. Instead she did not even breathe. Now another chicken gone. I only have nine chickens now but my dad and I are thinking about making the coop bigger. So in the spring I'll get six more chickens.
i just got 13 new chicks. my dad came home and told me to get a box out of the car for him. i did not know that the box was full of 13 chicks. i opened the door and fell to the ground. the box was make all types of squeaky nioses. my dad picked me up and said Merry Christmas.inside i opeded the box and there were 20 baby chicks cramed in the small box.(7 males were included for warmth) it was the best christmas present i could have ever wished for.

i now have my first broody hen. i have 8 buff orpington eggs she is sitting on.I felt kinda bad for her because before we got the eggs she was sitting on golf ball