:) Feel Free to contact me by PM or e-mail about hatching eggs available to ship or chicks available for local pick up here in Southeastern Georgia.
See Pictures below for a few examples of my flocks.
I choose only the cleanest and freshest eggs available from my flock. When shipping eggs I wrap each egg in bubble wrap and put lots of extra packing in the box to keep the eggs as safe as possible. All eggs are shipped priority mail (Monday - Wednesday excluding PO holidays) with delivery confirmation included.
Even though I have personally had great hatches with these eggs, due to differing incubation techniques and the shipping process, I can not guarantee your hatch rates.

16199_16mar2010_015.jpg 16199_belleseggs_001.jpg
16199_browneggs221.jpg 16199_10mar2010_017.jpg 16199_browneggs221.jpg

16199_march_chicks_2010_008.jpg 16199_march_chicks_2010_009.jpg