This is mine and my chickens page. I have had chickens for a few years now and have learnt alot. On this page I will begin to put the things I know about that other people need help with, like I did before. e.g Can you eat rubbery squishey eggs? Yes. They are just normal eggs inside but the shell has formed badly.

About me and my chickens

A few years ago I asked my Dad and Mum for a chicken for Christmas. That's all I wanted. It has taken 2 years before they finally agreed to keeping chickens in our back garden! After being given 2 hens and a chicken ark from a family friend "to get us started" we got a little hooked!
After losing Bramble from Red Mite and an expensive vet's bill we decided to get some more. We found a local farm who sells point of lay chickens (Fenton poultry farm in Somerset, UK) So we got three more, our family now have 12 chickens after quite a few more visits!My fenton blue - Toffee layed light bluey green eggs and some double yolkers
I have even watched her lay one.

Things I learnt that might help you
  • Chickens will step on their own eggs sometimes.
  • You might sometimes get a rubbery, squishey shelled egg - you can still eat these.
  • Thin grass plants in the hens pen will get destroyed very quickly.
  • Foodwise they eat mostly anthing acept onions and meat(especially not chicken)
  • Hens cooked rice - even curry rice love
  • Stong tasting foods can tint the eggs, so not good unless you want garlic cakes
  • Clip one side of your chickens wings so that can't fly away.
I am starting to upload pics of my hens and their coop.