I don't really know what to put on this, so I'm just gonna talk about my chickens because I love them and they're like my little fluffy kids.

I've been a chicken owner for almost three years. A bunch of my friends at school think it's wierd I own chickens but they like the girls when they see them. I have 10 hens. 2 are"mutts" that we got from a local farmer and also then hatched two. :) I also have a golden Lakenvelder, 2 EE's, a Buff Orpington, a Dominique, and an Australorp.

They really don't like the snow. In order for them to come out of their coop, I have to shovel a path for them so that they wouldn't have to step on the cold snow... spoiled little fuzzybutts. :) I give them all the good stuff like bread, tomatoes (Omelot's favorite!), apples, and lots and lots of corn (everyone's favorite). I think they like my company. Every time I come outside they run over. But that might be because they think I have food. You know chickens... Omelot thinks she can come into our house too. She always pecking at the door and if we open it, she comes waltzing in. I love all their different personalities. :)

I am about to begin my freshman year at the University of New Haven in Connecticut. I am a biology/pre-med major and am currently undecided what I want to do. My original goal was to become a pediatrician. Now I am thinking about switching out of pre-med and pursue a career with animals. Time will tell where life takes me. :) I was band pesident of my high school marching band and was awarded 3 scholarships and 2 marching awards for my efforts over the past 4 years. I am continuing my love of music in college and will be a part of the Charger Marching Band. I was also a varsity softball player but will not be playing varsity in college. I would rather put my efforts into my studies.